Our OSHA Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

Florida workers are protected by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations that ensure safe workplace conditions to protect employee health and safety. The OSHA regulations set workplace standards for a wide range of issues such as safety training, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), protection from toxic substances, mechanical use procedures, maintenance requirements, fall protection, and workplace conditions.

Unfortunately, not all employers follow the OSHA regulations or rectify existing hazards, even after receiving violations, and too many employees continue to get injured on the job.

If you have been injured on the job due to employer negligence and failure to adhere to OSHA standards, or if you are aware of dangers that exist due to this negligence, there is help available. Reach out to our employment and whistleblower lawyers at Feldman Legal Group. We will aggressively protect your rights. Call us at (877) 946-8293 today.

Do You Fear Retaliation for an OSHA Whistleblower Complaint?

Employees who have been injured in an unsafe workplace or are aware of dangerous employer non-compliance are often reluctant to file an OSHA complaint out of the fear of losing their job or suffering other employer retaliation. However, it is illegal for employers to fire or retaliate against employees for reporting an OSHA complaint.

Our whistleblower retaliation attorneys represent employees in state and federal employment and whistleblower retaliation cases and litigation for violations. OSHA statutes have whistleblower provisions under which an employee is protected against retaliatory conduct by an employer for reported unlawful conduct of the employer or for cooperating with state or federal agencies investigating unlawful conduct of the employer, and we will fight for your rights.

Why Choose Our OSHA Whistleblower Lawyer?

Our OSHA whistleblower attorney has litigated on behalf of plaintiffs and the defense, including federal whistleblower claims (Whistleblower Protection Act) and whistleblower claims under state jurisdiction (Florida Whistleblowers Act). We also pursue qui tam lawsuits, in which a person who exposes a company’s fraud can claim a percentage of any money the government recovers in its prosecution.

Our legal team is here to discuss your situation and determine the best way to help you safely make OSHA claims and blow the whistle without fear of retaliation. We handle workplace and OSHA claims for clients throughout Florida and Georgia from our offices in Tampa and Atlanta.

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What Are My Rights as an OSHA Claim Whistleblower?

Our OSHA Whistleblower Lawyers Can Determine Whether You Have a Valid Claim

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration administers more than twenty whistleblower protection laws, including Section 11(c) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The Act prohibits retaliation against employees who complain about unsafe or unhealthful conditions or exercise other rights under the Act.

Under OSHA you have rights to file a complaint if an employer retaliates against you for engaging in protected activity relating to:

  • Workplace safety and health
  • Commercial motor carrier safety
  • Pipeline safety
  • Air carrier safety
  • Nuclear safety
  • The environment
  • Asbestos in schools
  • Corporate fraud
  • SEC rules or regulations
  • Railroad carrier safety or security
  • Public transportation agency safety or security.

If you feel that you have suffered retaliation by an employer in the form of unfavorable personnel actions such as demotion, loss of earnings, harassment or termination for cooperating with investigating agencies or for reporting unlawful conduct to a state or federal agency, you should file a claim with OSHA and contact our lawyers for help.

OSHA Whistleblower Complaint Statute of Limitations

Time is of the essence in filing a complaint with OSHA. Generally, employees should file complaints with OSHA within 30 days of the unfavorable personnel action or within 30 days of discovery of the discriminatory or retaliatory conduct. In some cases, depending on the federal Act involved, the employee may be required to file in writing, or the deadline to file may be greater than 30 days, or up to 180 days in some instances.

Unfavorable personnel actions include:

  • Blacklisting
  • Demoting
  • Denying overtime or promotion
  • Disciplining
  • Denying benefits
  • Failing to hire or rehire
  • Intimidation
  • Reassignment affecting promotion prospects
  • Reducing pay or hours.

What Our OSHA Whistleblower Attorney Can Do to Help

Our Whistleblower Attorneys Can Help Secure a Settlement for Whistleblower Retaliation Damages

Employees who are injured due to OSHA violations may face serious, painful, and life-changing injuries, extensive medical bills and continuing care at a time they are unable to work. Our Feldman Legal Group attorneys may be able to bring a case that will provide compensation for the damages you received.

When you contact Feldman Legal Group, we will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your individual situation, identify all responsible parties, and calculate damages and what your case may be worth.
  • Investigate and build your case. We will examine the workplace to try to find the cause of a workplace injury and determine whether the employer was negligent and has received OSHA violations in the past or properly notified OSHA of the injury. We will interview witnesses and gather evidence such as videos, medical records, police and accident reports, employer records, repair and maintenance reports, and OSHA documents.
  • Keep you safe from employer retaliation. We will protect your rights and keep employers from retaliating against you for reporting an OSHA complaint and ensure that you have enough time away from work to recover.
  • Handle all legal hurdles and communications. We will handle all paperwork, negotiations, and correspondence with OSHA, employer attorneys, and insurance companies in a timely manner.
  • Take your case to court if necessary and fight for a fair settlement on your behalf.

What Can I Receive in OSHA Whistleblower Settlements or OSHA Whistleblower Rewards?

Depending on the situation, you may receive the following types of damages:

  • Reinstatement: If your employer fired you in retaliation for whistleblowing, you may get your job back.
  • Lost wages and benefits: If you lost pay or benefits because of the retaliation, such as retirement contributions you would have received if you hadn’t been fired. You may receive backpay for unpaid wages if you were fired, put on unpaid leave or suspension, or were docked pay. You may also receive pay for lost future earnings.
  • Compensatory damages: In some situations, whistleblower retaliation laws provide compensatory damages for pain and suffering, emotional distress, damage to reputation, and humiliation.
  • Attorney’s fees and litigation costs.
  • Punitive damages up to $250,000. Punitive damages, to punish employers for egregious retaliation or major threats to public safety and deter the repetition of wrongful retaliation behavior, may be awarded in some situations.

Find out what types of OSHA whistleblower awards may apply to your case. Call Feldman Legal Group at (877) 946-8293 today to get started.

Protections Against Being Forced to Perform Certain Dangerous or Hazardous Work or Unlawful Conduct

Our OSHA Lawyer Explains How Employees Are Protected

An employee may have the right under OSHA to refuse to perform work when the employee believes he or she faces death or serious injury. An employee can refuse to work in a situation that is so clearly hazardous that any reasonable person would believe serious injury or death could result. This is particularly true if the employee tried to get their employer to correct the condition and there is no other way to do the job safely. An employee may also refuse to perform work if the situation is so urgent that they do not have time to eliminate the hazard through regulatory channels such as calling OSHA.

Several laws protect employees who report violations of environmental laws related to drinking water and water pollution, toxic substances, solid waste disposal, air quality and air pollution, asbestos in schools and hazardous waste disposal sites. The Energy Reorganization Act protects employees who raise safety concerns in the nuclear power industry and in nuclear medicine.

If you feel you are in such a dangerous situation, contact OSHA. If you are terminated for refusing to perform in such an unlawful or dangerous condition, contact Feldman Legal Group to discuss this legal matter and find out your rights.

OSHA Lawyers at Feldman Legal Group – Make the Best Choice for You

At Feldman Legal Group, we specialize in whistleblower claims across the states of Florida and Georgia. We handle cases in both state and federal court. Our attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial and not just look for a quick dollar.

We are different, dedicated and determined to obtain the best possible result or financial resolution for any victim of a retaliatory personnel action or adverse employment action as a result of refusal to go along with unlawful conduct or for cooperating in any state or federal agency investigation. We are here to protect your rights and secure the compensation you are entitled to under the law.

Work with Our Skilled and Experienced OSHA Claim Lawyers

When dangerous conditions exist in the workplace and employers fail to monitor and correct these hazards, employees often suffer injuries that may include broken bones, head and neck injuries, paralysis, respiratory conditions, and even death. The OSHA whistleblower lawyers at Feldman Legal Group know how employers operate, and we know state and OSHA regulations. We are here to protect you and help you find the justice and compensation that you deserve.

In most cases, we never charge our client a fee in a whistleblower claim, and we only are paid a fee from the offending party against whom we assert a claim.

Act now, for yourself and for others. Call our OSHA whistleblower attorney today at (877) 946-8293 if you have been injured and to prevent others from being hurt.