Pursuing Maximum Compensation For Victims Under Florida Dog Bite Laws

Only vicious attacks by pit bulls, Rottweilers and other dangerous dog breeds typically receive widespread media coverage. However, the unfortunate reality is that extremely serious, injury-causing dog bites occur on a daily basis throughout Florida. Children are the most frequent victims, but adults also suffer harm ranging from lacerations and permanent scarring to back injuries or broken bones suffered in a knockdown or while trying to avoid attack.

Florida dog bite law does not require a dog bite victim seeking just compensation to prove that the animal had bitten before or was known to be vicious. To talk through what happened to you or a family member and whether you have a valid personal injury claim, contact us today at Feldman Legal Group..

Exposing Dog Owner Negligence And Fighting For The Injured

Every Florida property owner has a legal obligation to keep his or her premises safe for others, and this includes confining and controlling dogs. A Tampa dog bite injury lawyer at our firm is prepared to initiate a prompt investigation of what happened and strive to:

  • Reconstruct the attack and gain a full understanding of factors that led to serious injuries
  • Establish the total, immediate and long-term impact of all injuries on the victim’s life and future, including the emotional trauma as well as medical costs and other financial damages
  • Pinpoint applicable homeowner’s insurance coverage and any other viable sources of recovery on your valid claim
  • Recover fair and just compensation through aggressive insurance negotiations or a lawsuit and civil trial if needed to win justice for you

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Our law firm maintains offices in Tampa and Atlanta, to meet the needs of serious injury victims statewide. Whatever the circumstances of the dog bite or animal attack that has affected your family, we will provide a free attorney consultation and help you make the soundest possible decisions about pursuing your claim.