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Nearly every community includes areas of known criminal activity — but visitors and even residents may be unaware of safety and security risks. Owners of apartment complexes, hotels, parking ramps and other Florida property have a legal obligation to take reasonable measures and precautions to ensure the safety of those who lawfully enter their property.

At Feldman Legal Group. , we recognize that victims of violent crimes such as rape and assault — as well as their families — are often devastated financially as well as physically and emotionally. If you or a family member has been victimized and you believe the property owner’s negligence or a serious security failure was the cause, contact us now for guidance on your legal right to just compensation.

Diligence In Investigation And Case Building For Our Injured Clients

You can count on a Tampa negligent security lawyer at our firm to treat you with care and respect as we evaluate your potential claim and consider all legal angles. We stand ready to investigate what happened and perform the research and evidence-gathering necessary to prove security negligence. Our goals in civil litigation after a violent crime may include establishing that:

  • A location’s history of assaults, burglaries, invasions and other criminal activity obligated the property owner to install surveillance cameras, adequate security lighting or other reasonable deterrents.
  • Existing protective measures such as locks or secured entry for a building were in disrepair or otherwise nonfunctional.
  • Security personnel were not present, failed to respond or were inadequately trained to handle their duties.
  • The injured resident or patron was not properly informed of past criminal activity or other known risks.

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