Defective Child Car Seat Lawyer

Most Florida parents and others who transport children are diligent in observing child safety seat laws and protecting those children to the maximum possible extent. However, many accidents have demonstrated that child seats sometimes fail to provide the protection we expect. Car seat recalls are relatively common, due to latch defects, faulty belt positioning and overall design deficiencies that enable serious injuries to kids.

Whenever a child is seriously injured or tragically killed in a crash despite being in an appropriate child safety seat, parents should turn to a skilled, resourceful personal injury lawyer who will investigate all aspects of the accident.

Wherever you are in Florida, you can contact a Tampa defective car seat lawyer at Feldman Legal Group PA and count on our responsiveness and proven ability to evaluate your potential case.

Our attorneys recognize the pain, grief and worry about the future associated with cases of serious or catastrophic injury to children. We will prioritize thorough crash investigation by qualified experts to determine liability for injuries, whether fault rests with another driver, a child safety seat manufacturer, auto manufacturer or any combination of these.

Investigating All Aspects Of Roadway Crashes And Taking Action For Victims

We bring extensive car accident and products liability case experience to each child injury case we handle. Our lawyers are prepared to evaluate cases involving:

  • Ejection from the vehicle, sometimes due to design and mechanical problems with belts, straps, latches and harnesses
  • Poorly positioned or otherwise deficient restraints
  • Insufficient padding that contributes to impact injuries
  • Failures to provide accurate instructions for car seat installation and use, or to issue safety alerts or a product recall alerting users to known risks

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We are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers committed to promoting child safety and holding negligent manufacturers accountable as well as obtaining compensation that helps our clients move forward in life. With office locations in Tampa and Atlanta our firm is able to respond promptly and assertively when you need help and counsel.