Despite advances in automobile design and safety, thousands of people are injured or killed each year because their car malfunctioned or failed to protect them in a crash. But holding a major carmaker responsible is no small task.

At Feldman Legal Group, we have the experience and resources to sue auto manufacturers for product liability. We have represented accident victims throughout Florida in lawsuits for vehicle defects.

If you suspect that your injuries or a loved one’s death traces to a defect in the car’s design or components, contact a Tampa auto defects lawyer today for a free case evaluation. We take cases in the Tampa Bay area and statewide.


Auto manufacturers can be held responsible for accidents stemming from bad design or failure of parts. Even if another driver’s negligence caused the crash, the automaker can be liable if safety features didn’t work or a defect made injuries worse than they should have been.

Trial lawyer Mitchell Feldman and the attorneys at Feldman Legal Group have litigated cases involving a wide range of automobile defects, including:

  • Airbags that failed to deploy or caused injury
  • Seat belt failure and seat back collapse
  • Blown tires/tread separation
  • Impalement by the steering wheel column
  • Brakes that locked up or didn’t slow the car
  • Stuck accelerator or gas pedal hesitation
  • Instability leading to rollovers
  • Roof crush in a rollover accident

We have access to automotive engineers, vehicle safety experts, accident reconstruction specialists and other professionals who can help establish that the car, SUV, van or pickup was prone to accidents as designed, not crashworthy, or that a component of the car failed.

Our Tampa lawyers’ experience in both product liability and auto accident litigation guides us in asking the right questions, inspecting the wreckage and requesting telltale documents from car manufacturers. Was the car ever subject to a recall? Have others been injured in a similar way by that make and model? Is there a black box on board that shows the driver did everything right?


We are committed to your full compensation for the financial and personal aftermath of your accident. Call 877-946-8293 for a free initial assessment with our Tampa auto defects lawyer. We have four offices around Florida and we can also travel to you or handle your case remotely via telephone, U.S. mail and the Internet.