Defective Toys And Children’s Products

Toddlers or young children don’t always use products as intended. They chew on toys, put them in their mouths and pound on them. They hang things around their necks and test the limits of their cribs.

Parents can’t always foresee the dangers. When a product intended for children is sold to the public, there is a reasonable assumption that it has been designed and tested to be safe for kids.
Feldman Legal Group. has sued manufacturers, distributors and retailers of children’s toys and products for breach of that obligation to safety when it resulted in serious injuries, permanent damage or a tragic death.

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We have brought product liability lawsuits against major manufacturers and sellers of children’s products. We are prepared to explore any claim, whether it is a toy that has been recalled after numerous accidents nationwide or an injury that is unique to your child:

  • Choking hazards (toys with small parts or toys that fall apart)
  • Toys or children’s jewelry containing lead paint
  • Toys and objects with sharp edges
  • Baby bottles and other plastic products containing phthalates
  • Highly flammable children’s clothing
  • Baby cribs that collapse or trap infants
  • Trampolines, swing sets and other dangerous play products
  • Window blind cords and other strangulation hazards

We have sued for wrongful deaths and for traumatic outcomes, such as organ failure, eye injury, brain damage, severed fingers, burns and disfigurement. Our experienced attorneys pursue maximum damages for future medical and nursing care, for pain and suffering, and for the child’s lost opportunities and lifelong disabilities.

We Fight For Justice For Innocent Children

Our firm is committed to holding corporate entities accountable for a parent’s worst nightmare. We use top experts to demonstrate that the product was negligently designed or made with inferior or toxic materials, or that the manufacturer failed to warn you of the dangers. Contact us today for a free case evaluation. We have offices in Tampa and Atlanta and can handle cases anywhere in Florida or Georgia.