Employers often require employees to sign non-compete agreements, contracts that restrict an employee’s ability to do business in his or her field after terminating employment with the company. These agreements, also known as covenants not to compete, typically restrict the departing employee from divulging company secrets and engaging in competing business activity, often within a certain geographic region.

The problem with many non-compete contracts is that they are unfair and overreaching. The good news for employees bound to such terms is that these contracts are often unenforceable in court. Call a Tampa non-compete agreements lawyer to learn more.

At Feldman Legal Group, our seasoned contract dispute attorneys represent employees in a broad range of employment contract disputes, including those involving non-compete agreements. We provide experienced employment law guidance to clients in Tampa and Atlanta and throughout Florida and Georgia.


Courts often strike down non-compete agreement lawsuits because the non-compete clauses restrict the rights of former employees to earn a living. Generally, the duration and scope of the agreement must be reasonable for the contract to hold up in court.

If our Tampa non-compete agreements attorneys determine that an agreement appears to be unenforceable, we will identify all weaknesses and seek to exploit this in any legal action.

We are committed to helping our clients remove all obstacles keeping them from prospering in their careers.


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