[GRAPHIC: Feldman Legal Group. Attorneys at Law, The viewing of this video does not establish an attorney-client relationship] [GRAPHIC: We Fight for the Injured, Wrongful Death Case] Feldman Legal Group.: What does Feldman Legal Group. do with regards to a wrongful death case when it’s referred to us? [GRAPHIC: Feldman Legal Group., Attorney] When Feldman Legal Group., Feldman Legal Group. is referred a wrongful death case, when there’s concern over an unexpected death, the first thing that we do is obtain the medical records and look to see if there’s an autopsy report. Then we’re going to look to see what the course of treatment was in the hospital and post discharge from the hospital to see if that person was the given the right care and treatment. Often we find that dangerous medications were delivered and dosed to the patient without the proper warnings, without the proper follow-up and monitoring, and that leads to complications and death. So we’re going to look at what drugs were involved, the black box warnings that are associated with it, the FDA warnings, look for an interaction, and look for a cause of death. We will investigate that. We will review all of the literature and make a consult with experts in medical science. [GRAPHIC: Practice Areas. Auto Accidents, Trucking Accidents, General Personal Injury, Construction Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home and Assisted Living Negligence, Injuries to Children, Wrongful Death, Workers’ Compensation, Class Actions, Products Liability] [GRAPHIC: Feldman Legal Group., Attorney at Law, 877-946-8293, www.FightForTheInjured.com]