Toyota dealerships across the country, like Toyota of Tampa Bay, are watching the federal judiciary, waiting to find out if the largest car defect settlement in this country’s history will come through. The issue at hand is a defect in the acceleration mechanism that has caused numerous fatal accidents as well as tanked the resale value of cars that have not demonstrated the defect. The lawsuits have been divided into two categories: wrongful death and economic loss.
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A poolside birthday party for a three-year-old led to the drowning death of a five-year-old boy at the Mosley Motel in St. Petersburg. The parents of Jadan Justice left him in the care of an older sibling and went to their room, with the understanding that the motel pool closed at 8 p.m. An hour later, their son was pulled from the deep end of the pool. Resuscitation attempts failed. This is an all too
Personal Injury
You can predict the injury or even death of habitual drunk, aggressive or distracted drivers, but even individuals with safe driving habits can perish in auto accidents due to unforeseen circumstances. This was the case in the death of a well-liked 58-year old wrestler. According to TMZ, popular wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage died in May 2011 when his 2009 Jeep Wrangler proceeded across a concrete median and through oncoming traffic before crashing into a
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