Why Truck Accident Cases Carry Much More Weight in Litigation

Why Truck Accident Cases Carry Much More Weight in Litigation

Florida roads are littered with accidents – minor, major, and everyone in between. In fact, our state is among the worst states when it comes to fatal car accidents. At Feldman Legal Group, we understand these cases can be devastating and proudly fight for the injured and their families in Florida car accident cases. This all becomes even more amplified when a semi is involved.

Litigation involving these large vehicles can be more sophisticated and ultimately result in far more compensation than a typical accident. A number of factors are at play when semis collide with other vehicles on Florida roadways and preparing for these cases takes a meticulous and experienced personal injury attorney.

More Severe Damages & Injuries

Starting out with the obvious, a crash involving a truck will likely result in far more damage to both the car and anyone inside. Semis are often between 10,000 pounds (without a trailer) and 80,000 pounds (with a packed trailer). Compare this to an average of roughly 4,000 pounds for other vehicles and you quickly see why and how the damage will likely be far more severe.

These damages mean the compensation a victim receives through litigation will be higher. Recovering damages to a totaled vehicle and for the injuries you suffer is imperative, but this can also be challenging in these cases.

More Parties Involved Than Just The Two Drivers

In many typical Florida car accident cases, the number of impacted parties is just going to be the two drivers, any passengers, and the two insurance companies. In a Florida truck accident, the number of involved parties will reach far beyond just those who are at the scene.

As we previously discussed, other parties such as the company the truck driver drives for, the company responsible for the cargo, and the manufacturer of the truck and its parts may also need to be involved. This means juggling several different insurers in filing a claim.

Accident Investigation

Because of the number of organizations involved, truck companies will deploy investigators as part of a much more sophisticated accident scene investigation than normal. That’s why having a Florida personal injury attorney who has a relationship with investigators who understand truck accidents will be crucial.

The truck companies and their insurers will look at every angle. They will attempt to claim reckless driving in more circumstances than would be considered in any other accident. Pushing back against these claims will be an important part of your claim.

Interstate and Federal Regulations

Most car accidents involve two drivers local to the area where the accident took place. In Florida truck accidents, the truck drivers are often just passing through from other states. This means other state or federal agencies may need to get involved to ensure the necessary regulations were followed.

Truck drivers must follow strict regulations as far as rest and freight weight limitations. At Feldman Legal Group, we understand these regulations and will meticulously investigate every factor that led up to your Florida truck accident. Our team has the experience and know-how to get you full compensation for your vehicle and any injuries you sustained. Contact us today and we will fight for you.