Serious Representation For Serious Trucking Accidents

A truck accident demands a prompt investigation by a team of experts. The victim and family will need extensive compensation for the considerable medical and financial aftermath, and important clues to the cause of the crash soon disappear.

If your family member was injured or killed in a Florida trucking accident, Feldman Legal Group. provides the knowledge, the resources and — if necessary — the courtroom skills to hold the trucking company and other parties accountable for comprehensive damages.

Contact our law firm immediately. Our Tampa truck accident lawyers know how to investigate these cases, and we fight for every dollar our clients deserve. With offices in Tampa and Atlanta, we can rapidly respond to car-truck accidents anywhere in Florida.

St. Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyers — Miami Trucking Accidents

Trial attorney Mitchell Feldman has years of experience in personal injury litigation, including an excellent trial record in numerous truck accident cases. As a former insurance defense lawyer, Mr. Feldman knows that the trucking company and its insurer will conduct their own sophisticated investigation and try to skew the facts in their favor to deny liability or limit the damages they will offer to pay.

We are fully equipped to counter the defense’s version and demonstrate the carelessness or corporate practices that ultimately harmed our clients or killed their loved ones:

Our accomplished legal team has won damages for tractor-trailer accidents (18-wheelers) and other commercial vehicle crashes such as delivery trucks or construction vehicles. Money can’t undo the damage, but it will be needed for ongoing medical care, replacement of earnings, home modifications and many other needs. And the trucking firm should be made to pay, especially for life-changing trauma such as a brain or spinal injury or your family member’s wrongful death.

Trust Our Experienced Tampa Truck Accident Lawyer

It is imperative to act quickly after the truck accident to preserve evidence critical to full compensation. Call us at 877-946-8293 to schedule your free initial assessment with a Tampa truck accident attorney. We can come to your home, hospital or public place of your choosing, and we will help with all related insurance and legal matters.

Client Testimonial

”All I can say is Great Job! After speaking with Mitch Feldman and Roxanna, after I said Yes to their services, Our case went on auto pilot (for Me). They took care of everything. Once an offer was made, Mitch said we can do better and we did. Soon after, a check arrived in our mailbox.
Recommending this Law Firm seems to be a no brainer for anyone who wants to Win. They were on my case (no pun intended) like white on rice and when I had questions, they were answered the same day.” – David Newman
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