Your Guide to Workers’ Comp Settlement Body Part Prices

Your Guide to Workers’ Comp Settlement Body Part Prices

Workers’ Comp Settlement Body Part Prices

A Devastating Question to Ask

If you are researching the phrase “workers’ comp settlement body part prices” it stands to reason that either you or someone you love has been the victim of a tragic accident while on the job. The physical pain and the emotional distress involved in incidents like this are considerable – in fact, they are indescribable.

Financial benefits for injuries suffered while at work may be available through Workers’ Compensation, a program that supports injured workers during their recovery. This same program also provides financial compensation/disability to those who may never fully recover from their injuries. And, it offers death benefits to those who lose their lives in accidents while on the job.

Loss of limb (also known as amputation injuries) is among the most serious and costly injuries.

Victims and their families should reach out to a workers’ compensation lawyer for help in navigating the complex and emotional road necessary to go down to receive the compensation they so desperately need and deserve.

Work Injuries in Florida: Are You Protected?

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is employer-paid insurance designed to provide cash benefits and medical care should you suffer an injury or illness related to your employment while at work.

This coverage is important – it provides much-needed financial assistance when you are injured on the job. If you live and work in Florida, workers’ compensation is critical when you suffer an injury, particularly one that results in loss of limb or sense. Benefits can offset medical bills including mobility devices and even prosthetics.

If you have lost a limb while at work, Florida law recognizes you as totally and permanently disabled.

This means you may also be entitled to a settlement that includes a percentage of your lost wages. Your employment attorney can review your case and help you better understand what you can expect in terms of financial compensation.

Working With a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

When you have suffered the loss of a body part at work, the compensation you may be entitled to from your employer can be significant. Unfortunately, receiving these funds can often be a challenge.

Workers’ compensation laws are complex, and settlements are costly to insurance companies and employers. You will likely need to advocate for your compensation. An experienced employment attorney, one who understands the laws in Florida and who has experience in dealing with life-changing lost limb accidents, can help you get what you deserve. Contacting a workers’ compensation attorney as quickly as possible is in your best interests.

Lost Body Parts: Understanding Workers Compensation

Complicated Issues and Answers

Losing a body part results in a level of trauma that is unimaginable. Only those who are victims can truly understand how it feels. Those who lose a body part may be awarded a lump sum settlement.

How Much Are Body Parts Worth with Workers’ Compensation

As strange as it may seem, each state is legally entitled to determine its own value for body part injuries. In fact, across the country, many states have a set injury schedule that identifies the specific value to be paid should an employee lose a body part or sensory function. Florida, however, does not have a list of this type. That does not mean that compensation for loss of limb is not available. Those who have been injured in this way, in the state, are compensated based upon their level of impairment. A workers’ compensation attorney can help prove your injury and related impairment, helping you to receive a more favorable settlement.

With this in mind, you can appreciate that settlements also vary depending upon where you were injured. A worker in California who loses a big toe would receive just over $6,000 in compensation. When someone in Oregon suffers an identical injury the payout would be more than $90,000. This lost limb calculator can help you research the specific value of your loss.

Without a doubt, this is a hard concept to process. Can you really put a value on a body part? While the questions seem abstract, the answer concerning workers’ compensation is, unfortunately, is yes.

Payout: Workers’ Compensation Body Parts Chart

As mentioned, all losses are not equal, and the same loss in different states can result in varying settlements. Below, the body part value chart illustrates how average compensation settlements in the state of Florida relate to other states across the country as well as the average for the country as a whole. (Source: ProPublica)

Body Part Florida Highest Lowest Average in the USA
Arm $186,293 $859,634 (Nevada) $48,840 (Alabama) $169,878
Leg $110,513 $457,418 (Nevada) $44,000 (Alabama) $153,221
Hand $163,559 $738,967 (Nevada) $37,400 (Alabama) $144,930
Thumb $42,311 $195,670 (Kentucky) $13,500 (Rhode Island) $42,432
Index Finger $14,525 $95,723 (Oregon) $6,720 (Maryland) $24,474
Middle Finger $14,525 $93,063 (Oregon) $4,987 (Colorado) $20,996
Ring Finger $6,315 $82,420 (Oregon) $3,047 (Colorado) $14,660
Pinky $6,315 $79,759 (Oregon) $2,065 (Massachusetts) $11,343
Foot $65,045 $251,802 (Maryland) $26,000 (Minnesota) $91,779
Big Toe $6,315 $90,402 (Oregon) $6,090 (California) $23,436
Eye $49,889 $261,525 (Pennsylvania) $22,800 (Minnesota) $96,700*
Ear Not Available $124,991 (Oregon) $9,696 (Colorado) $38,050*
Testicle Not Available $73,537 (Illinois) $3,750 (Minnesota) $27,678*

* Average maximum compensation data not available for every state

If you have suffered an amputation injury, keep in mind that the figures above only represent part of the settlement to which you may be entitled. Your employment attorney can review other compensation opportunities.

Recognizing Discrepancies: Workers’ Comp Settlement Body Part Prices in Florida

Where the State Stands Nationally

When looking at this chart you may be concerned. After all, It is clear that, for the most part, Florida compensation numbers lie below the national averages.

In fact, in some cases, Florida payouts are among the worst in the country. Loss of a big toe, in Florida, is valued at $6,315, the second-lowest (based upon available figures) in the nation. Only California has a lower valuation.

When reviewing the chart, Florida, in general, is one of the least generous states with regard to workers’ compensation when it comes to losing a limb.

Based on the figures provided, the instances where Florida compensation levels fall above the national average are in the cases of the losses of an arm or hand.

However, payouts were still not at the top. For the loss of an arm, Florida ranks 25th in the nation. For a hand, the ranking is slightly better at 18th.

These figures are important to understand, as they provide a guideline for what you can expect to receive if you have been injured and lost a limb in a work-related accident in the state of Florida. But, these numbers, in and of themselves, are not a guarantee of compensation. Your employer and its insurance company are businesses, both with the goal of maximizing profitability. Workers’ compensation claims result in considerable expenses that negatively impact profitability. It is not surprising that the payouts often require the negotiating and litigating skills of an experienced employment attorney.

Loss of Limbs While at Work in Florida

Who Is Affected

It makes sense that the dangers of losing a limb while at work are more prevalent in some jobs and industries than others. After all, working a desk job is significantly less hazardous than one in which you operate power tools.

Employees who face the greatest risk include those who work in food services (specifically if you use sharp knives, meat grinders and slicers), forklift and truck drivers, loggers, landscapers, and factory and warehouse workers, just to name a few.

How Loss of Limb Occurs

Some tasks are simply more dangerous than others. History has shown that some of those with a record of loss of limb accidents include machine maintenance tasks, operations of tools, and using unguarded or inadequately guarded machines.

In certain cases, machines malfunction, but many injuries are simply due to human error. Appropriate training and safety equipment are sadly not always provided.

That said, Florida workers’ compensation law is no-fault – so you do not have to prove that another person or organization was responsible for your injury. In order to be able to collect benefits, you simply must have been injured during the course of your job.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Benefits – An Overview

Loss of body parts is only one segment of workers’ compensation in Florida. And, because the state does not have a set valuations for body parts, the entirety of the loss is considered when compensation is determined.

If you or a loved one has suffered an unfortunate, but debilitating injury like loss of limb, it is very important to contact a Florida workers comp attorney. These professionals can leverage their experience while reviewing your case, helping to determine if the settlement you are offered is appropriate. Injuries like this affect how you work and live – and things may be significantly different from the past. You should be compensated for these losses – the financial settlement can help you plan for the future. Consider the benefits provided by workers’ compensation in Florida.

Medical, Wage, and Death Benefits

Compensation for necessary and reasonable medical care for compensable injuries is provided by workers’ compensation. These include, but are not limited to, injuries sustained from falls, machinery accidents, and traffic accidents. Coverage includes hospital bills, rehabilitation, medication, and even medical equipment. You may also be entitled to payment toward lost wages.

In some cases, lump-sum settlements may be offered. The advantages and disadvantages of accepting this depends upon the extent of your injuries, the cost of future care, and the level of compensation offered. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will help you evaluate this offer and make the best decision for you and your family.

Finally, in the unfortunate cases where the employee dies as a result of work-related injury or illness, the spouse and children of the deceased may be eligible for death benefit compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Can Be Complicated

Working With an Employment Attorney

The importance of the advice and counsel of an employment attorney experienced not only in workers’ compensation but also loss of limb cases cannot be overstated. When your future is at stake, you need the assistance of a professional on whom you can depend.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Feldman Legal Group are well-versed in Florida employment law. They understand the issues involved in loss of limb cases and are ready to help you. Contact them today at 877-946-8293 to schedule a consultation.