Are You Involved in an Insurance Coverage Dispute?

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Insurance company profits are augmented by charging high premiums and paying out as little as possible when valid claims are made against a policy. Our Florida insurance coverage dispute attorneys at Feldman Legal Group provide sophisticated advocacy to business clients and individual consumers who have suffered wrongful denial or termination of insurance coverage to which they are entitled.

Denied Insurance Coverage ∙ Termination of Coverage

Our law firm has extensive experience representing the interests of clients in bad faith insurance claims involving:

  • Commercial property damage claims
  • Commercial general liability claims
  • Residential property damage and liability claims
  • Disability insurance claims (private or ERISA-qualified)
  • Health insurance claims

Whether a claim involves property damage, liability coverage or health insurance, insurance companies are stagnant in their practice of denying coverage, delaying payment, delaying investigation and terminating coverage. Policyholders may be denied coverage due to exclusions or exceptions based upon the policyholder’s alleged intentional act, failure to pay a premium, failure to provide notice or other alleged action.

Trust in Our Experience When an Insurance Claim Is Denied

Clients of Feldman Willams, PLLC benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of insurance law, understanding of insurance industry tactics and determination to assert our clients’ interests. We work diligently to challenge the insurance company’s basis for denial and enforce its obligations under the policy.

In cases where the denied coverage compliant with the terms of the insurance policy, we evaluate other avenues of potential responsibility, such as the negligence of the insurance broker. If the insurance broker misrepresented the terms of coverage, failed to process a payment in a timely fashion or otherwise contributed to the basis for coverage denial, the insurance company may be held accountable for professional malpractice.

The insurance company has a duty to defend the policyholder in liability claims, regardless of its denial of a claim or reservation of the right to deny a claim.

Get Representation from a Tampa Insurance Coverage Dispute Lawyer

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced insurance coverage dispute attorney, please contact one of our offices in Tampa, Naples, Jacksonville, or Atlanta, Georgia. We provide skilled, aggressive representation to our clients.