Feldman Legal Group brings years of experience representing homeowners, builders, and contractors on a broad spectrum of cases in the realm of construction litigation, including injured workers, breach of contract, defects, breach of warranty, fraud, and related property damage issues. Combined with our experience in real estate deposit and investment recovery, in today’s volatile real estate market, getting the work done or getting paid for the work is often not easily accomplished without effective legal representation.

In many instances, subcontractors and general contractors face substantial losses when products or materials fail or there is negligence in performance and poor quality of materials. A CGL policy may not cover the losses, and securing representation is necessary to defend claims by the owner of the property, builder/developer, or injured party or to enforce insurance coverage under a CGL policy. We analyze the contract, the defects at issue, and the possibilities for sharing the costs or recovering from other parties. We will advise you of your rights, options, and the costs and risks involved with seeking recovery or defending lawsuits. When you are losing money from loss of use, time is of the essence to expedite a resolution with an experienced civil litigation team like the attorneys of Feldman Legal Group. Sometimes, correspondence from our firm asserting your position and the law is sufficient to bring about the desired result. If, however, litigation is forced, and in some instances necessary, such as those cases involving injunctions, representing clients across the state of Florida through our five offices, we can act swiftly to save you time and money. Call now to speak with a Tampa construction litigation lawyer at our firm.


  • Representing design professionals, engineers, contractors, builders, developers and owners in litigation matters
  • Handling cases involving hotels, condominiums and apartment buildings, renovations, commercial shopping centers and large mixed-use and residential developments
  • Contract review and analysis and consulting on the avoidance of construction claims
  • Prosecution and defending claims for design and construction defects
  • Representing clients in insurance and other coverage claims
  • Litigating and arbitrating construction disputes involving mass torts
  • Representing architects and engineers in malpractice actions
  • Representing clients in federal and state construction litigation claims
  • Representing clients in private construction claims


For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Tampa construction litigation lawyer, please contact one of our offices in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Atlanta, Georgia.