Contracts are what holds a society together, with two parties agreeing to perform the exchange of goods and services for specific actions. Things get confusing when one side fails to honor its obligations. This causes a dispute, and you need a contract dispute attorney to help you.

We use our knowledge and skills to determine why the other party is not honoring its legal obligations. Sometimes, it is as simple as working with the other side and helping them to see that they must honor their responsibilities. This approach keeps the contract in place and pushes the side that breached it to fix the situation.

The more aggressive option is to take legal action against the party breaching the contract. These situations require going to court and showing that a legal obligation exists. We use the language of the contract to show that both sides agreed to everything. You are honoring your obligations, but the other side is not. This is when you can be awarded damages, or the other side is ordered by the court to fulfill its obligations.

Our Tampa contract dispute attorneys look for avenues to gain leverage over the other side in these situations. We use this to create successful outcomes for you.

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Anytime you are dealing with a contract dispute things can get tricky. You need a lawyer on your side who knows what to do and is results-driven. Our team of contract dispute attorneys has the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you.

You will work with a dedicated contract dispute attorney that has handled cases like yours. This experience helps us to look out for your interests and show the extent of the harm caused by the dispute. This increases our leverage by showing that some action must be taken to resolve the dispute.

Your case will get the personal attention you deserve when working with a skilled contract dispute lawyer. We will never pass you off to someone else or ignore you. Our focus is on creating the best outcomes for you. This requires making sure that everyone is communicating effectively. Ignoring your phone calls and passing you off only harm the attorney-client relationship. We believe in strengthening this relationship to create the best outcomes for your case.

The Feldman Legal Group contract dispute lawyers can help. Our team of professionals works with contract disputes all the time. We can give you practical advice and customized strategies to create the best outcomes for you. Contact us now at (813) 639-9366 and speak with a contract dispute attorney in Tampa.


We will give you practical and professional legal advice. Our firm practices in contract law and we understand all aspects of if. Our skilled litigators will review the entire contract and find those areas of the law we can use to support our case. This increases the chances that we can get a favorable settlement for you without having to go to court. Most parties want to avoid a lengthy trial, the costs, publicity, and potential embarrassment of having one. They are willing to work out arrangements to end the dispute.

Our team will collect and evaluate all evidence in the case. We are prepared to go to court to look out for your best interests. This is an option we use when negotiations are going nowhere.

Our approach to investigating, negotiating, and handling your case makes all the difference. We use these skills to produce results against some of the largest employers. Everyone is accountable under the law, and these companies are no different.

The Feldman Legal Group has the knowledge, experience, and skill that get results in contract disputes. You work with a contract dispute attorney that only stops once we create a successful outcome for you. You have rights, and we will take on anyone that violates them. We are not afraid of the other side and have successfully won cases against some of the largest employers in America. Our knowledge, experience, and legal strategies matter in getting the best results for you.


Contract disputes are an unfortunate part of doing business. We want everything to work out and run smoothly, but the reality is that we are dealing with people. Times will arise when the other party decides not to honor its contractual obligations. The most common types of disputes we see include:

  • Breach of contract: These are disputes that arise from unclear or incomplete contracts. Each party interprets the language and responsibilities differently, looking at things for their benefit, which causes them to stop doing what they agreed to in the contract.
  • Partnership disputes: Such occasions occur when partners disagree about what is best for their business. Arguments arise over leadership roles, responsibility, money, and compensation.
  • Business-to-business disagreements: This is when one business engages in practices that are deceptive or slanderous. These actions cause their competitors to seek out legal action.
  • Non-compete issues: Lots of businesses will ask their employees to sign a non-compete agreement. This prevents them from engaging in certain business practices for a specific length of time after they leave their job. Sometimes, these agreements are written broadly and are unenforceable.
  • General liability: Anytime you are walking onto a property, the owner has a legal obligation to make everything safe. Those injuries that occur while on the property cause a dispute about responsibility.
  • Lease disputes: These disputes arise when there are differences of opinion about the roles and responsibilities in a lease. The landlord and tenant are arguing over who has to do what.

These are the most frequent contract disputes we see. If you are in a contract dispute and you need the help of a contract dispute lawyer, contact us now. We will go over your case and discuss the different options you have available. Contact us at (813) 639-9366 to schedule your appointment with a contract dispute lawyer.


Contract disputes can cause significant challenges in getting things completed on time. This exposes you to lawsuits, fines, and unhappy customers. When situations like this arise, you need a contract dispute attorney on your side that will work to resolve the differences.

Our preferred method is to identify the causes of the dispute and resolve it through negotiations. We use proven legal strategies to get the contract enforced before filing a lawsuit. In most situations, we avoid going to court and the time it takes to litigate the case.

Our team will review everything and decide if the contract has enforceability and severability before filing any lawsuit. These two standards help us decide whether going to court is a viable option after negotiations fail.

Our experienced lawyers will explain how everything works and the basic legal strategy in these situations. We increase leverage by showing that we are ready to take the case to court no matter what.

Our team is ready to look out for your best interests when we do go to trial. You work with skilled litigators that understand the process and can make everything easy. Our pre-trial analysis and review make a difference. We are confident in the merits of our case and will go to court if we must to look out for your best interests. You will never be referred to another attorney with less experience. You will always work with knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated professionals that can help you.

The Feldman Legal Group can help with our knowledge, skills, professionalism, and experience. We will work tirelessly to look out for your best interests and we will not stop until we create favorable outcomes in your case. Contact us today at (813) 639-9366 and schedule an appointment with a contract dispute lawyer.


The first sign of a contract dispute emerging is the poor language and lack of protections in it. This leaves it open to interpretation. Sometimes, one party will decide that a contract is worded a certain way and looks at things from the standpoint of their self-interest. This is not the intent of the contract, and the other party is unhappy about the clear breaches.

Our team will look at how your contract is worded and assess whether different provisions are legal. We can use these clauses as leverage to show that the contract was unfairly written to benefit one party. This increases the chances of prevailing and reaching a successful settlement.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals at Feldman Legal Group will look at everything, including the contract wording, to find evidence to strengthen your case.

Contact us at (813) 639-9366 to speak with a contractual disputes attorney in Tampa, FL. We will help you explore your options and help you to find solutions to your contract dispute concerns.

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Contract disputes require the knowledge and skill of a contract dispute attorney. You will work with an experienced attorney that will give you practical advice you can use. You always know what is happening with your case. Our attorneys will give your case the personal attention it deserves. We will not stop until we create satisfactory outcomes for you.

Don’t wait any longer. Time is of the essence in these disputes, and you need to act fast to resolve everything quickly. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the faster we can help you.

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Here are a few common questions that our contract dispute attorneys hear from our clients.

All contract disputes are settled by the different parties agreeing to take action to correct the situation. When this fails, legal action is taken by going to court. You are suing for financial damages awarded to you because of your losses.

The best ways to avoid a contract dispute are to document everything, be clear on your position, clarify anything you don’t understand, and work with a skilled contract attorney.

The most common disputes we see include breach of contract, errors in the contract, or the coercion of fraud.

You have several options when seeking out remedies for contract disputes, including cancellation, restitution, specific performance, and damages.

A wide A material breach of contract is when one party fails to perform their obligations. This causes irreparable damage, and the affected party can sue to recover damages.

A minor breach of contract is when a small breach occurs that is immaterial. The core of the contract is still in place. Both parties must fulfill the terms of the contract in these situations. The party that didn’t breach the contract has the option of seeking out damages.