Carnival Ride Accident Lawyer

In addition to the numerous theme parks and other year-round recreational attractions throughout Florida, families can find mechanical rides, inflatable water slides and other diversions at a range of traveling carnivals, county fairs and local celebrations. Unfortunately, oversight and regulation of these events is often minimal and injuries or even tragic deaths can occur on outdated, defective and poorly maintained equipment.

If you, your child or another family member has been seriously hurt because of unsafe equipment or conditions at a Florida fair or carnival, we encourage you to contact us now at Feldman Legal Group. Our Tampa carnival injury lawyers have extensive experience pursuing valid premises liability cases, and we have the resources to quickly and thoroughly assess your potential case.

Investigating Injury-Causing Negligence And Fighting For Just Compensation

Amusement park, carnival and fair ride accidents typically come as an utter shock to visitors. Fresh paint can do wonders for old equipment, but the public has a right to expect that even dilapidated-looking equipment designed primarily for children has been inspected and well maintained. However, falls from rides and other carnival accidents are fairly common, and serious injuries may result from:

  • Mechanical failures that cause lurching and sudden stops, seat breakaways and ride collapses
  • Latch failures and other problems with defective safety harnesses and protective bars
  • Failures to warn of known risks, or to post and enforce appropriate age and size restrictions
  • Ride operator errors, intoxication, or inadequate training to operate specific equipment
  • Other types of negligence such as inadequate security on the premises or negligent supervision of areas unsafe for children

Turn To A Skilled, Resourceful Amusement Park Injury Attorney

The types of severe injuries that may justify legal action range from broken bones and serious lacerations to life-changing back, neck, head, brain and spinal cord injuries. You can turn to our trial-proven personal injury firm — with offices throughout Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia — to seek maximum compensation for you and your family. Please call or email us now for a free assessment on your potential case.