Children wander, love to explore, and often take risks they cannot recognize. Their vulnerability is a major reason why premises liability laws are so important, and why property owners must take all reasonable measures to secure areas unsafe for children, confine dogs that may bite and take other risks to the young into account.

If your child has been injured or tragically killed and you believe unsafe property was the cause, contact us today at Feldman Legal Group. A skilled premises liability attorney will empathize with your grief and help you make sound decisions about legal action or other next steps. We can explain the attractive nuisance laws in Tampa.

Florida has an attractive nuisance doctrine on the books that may impose commercial or residential property owner liability for hazardous conditions that endanger children. Children under 6 years old cannot be considered negligent, and a property owner may be held fully or partially negligent in a case involving an older child. Some prominent child injury cases involving dangerous property have involved:

  • Abandoned homes and untended construction sites posing an array of hazards from piles of sand or debris to live electrical wiring and poisoning risks
  • Failures to secure or supervise swimming pools, hot tubs and other recreational areas
  • Dog bites and attacks — regardless of whether the dog had a prior history of bites or vicious behavior


We have extensive knowledge of the attractive nuisance laws in Tampa and all forms of homeowners and liability insurance coverage. It is important to recognize that most lawsuits target only an insurance recovery and not the personal assets of a neighbor or other individual.

Our track record of success with valid personal injury claims is built on tenacity in investigation, research and case preparation. In cases of injury to a child, we are prepared to work closely with your entire family as we assess the total impact of what happened and the amount of justifiable compensation. Call 877-946-8293 or send us an email now to take advantage of a free assessment focused on your rights and your future.