Did a thrill ride turn into a nightmare? Did you slip and fall because you couldn’t see a safety hazard in crowded conditions? People are seriously hurt every day at amusement parks, water parks, carnivals and other family attractions in Florida. An experienced premises liability attorney can help you prove that the owner was negligent and demand fair compensation for lasting injuries to you or your child.

Call a Tampa amusement park injury lawyer at Feldman Legal Group for a free case evaluation if you or your child suffered serious injury. We have won damages on behalf of clients in the Tampa Bay area and statewide, including nonresidents injured while visiting Florida.


Our personal injury trial lawyers have sued Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and amusement parks and family recreation venues all over Florida. There are so many ways that people are injured on what should be a fun and care-free outing:

  • Injuries on roller coasters and rides and accidents involving rides
  • Slip-and-fall injuries on stairs or slick walkways
  • Trip-and-falls on potholes, curbs, broken concrete and defective flooring
  • Parking lot accidents
  • Injuries on shuttle buses or trams
  • Injuries from horses, parade vehicles, fireworks, etc.

To seek compensation, you must have suffered a serious injury and we must be able to identify specific safety hazards or negligence. We conduct a prompt investigation to preserve evidence, including the hiring of professionals who can later testify why a ride malfunctioned or how the ride operator was negligent. Were safety mechanisms latched? Were there recent mechanical problems or previous accidents? When was the ride last serviced and inspected? Did crowded conditions, code violations, poor maintenance or other negligence lead to your falling injury?


Feldman Legal Group brings years of experience in personal injury litigation with a winning track record at trial. He knows how to establish liability and will fight big theme parks and their defense lawyers for damages for medical care, lost wages, pain and suffering and any permanent disability.

Call 877-946-8293 for a free initial assessment. We have offices in Tampa and Atlanta, but we can also handle your claim anywhere in Florida by phone, mail and Internet. There are no attorney fees unless we recover compensation. Speak with a Tampa amusement park injury lawyer now.