The emergency room can be a busy and chaotic place. The staff must prioritize who needs to be seen most urgently, and the E.R. doctors must deal with critical injuries and acute conditions. But this does not excuse the hospital or physicians from liability for errors in assessing or treating patients.

The skilled medical malpractice attorneys of Feldman Legal Group have been successful in medical malpractice lawsuits against hospitals for lasting injury or wrongful death from negligent emergency room care.

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People come to the E.R. with a range of symptoms (headache, chest pain, intestinal discomfort, labored breathing) that could be very serious. The doctors and staff have a duty to listen to patients and investigate thoroughly. Emergency room malpractice occurs at all stages:

  • Triage — Failure to properly note and assess the person’s symptoms and complaints when he or she enters the E.R., or parking patients for hours before seeing a doctor
  • Diagnostics — Failure to ask the right questions or order appropriate tests or blood work
  • Diagnosis and treatment — Failure to identify a serious or life-threatening condition
  • Referral — Failure to call in a specialist or refer the patient
  • Premature discharge — Sending patients home who should be admitted or kept for observation

Not every death or bad outcome is malpractice. But hospital E.R.s do not get a free pass just because the people they treat have urgent or critical conditions. In fact, they have a nondelegable duty to provide emergency medical services. There are specific E.R. protocols, and bad things happen when these accepted standards of care are ignored or bypassed.

Feldman Legal Group brings special insights to your case as a successful plaintiff’s lawyer and as a former insurance defense attorney. He knows the ugly truth that E.R. patients often don’t get the care they deserve because hospitals are understaffed or want to avoid the costs of diagnostic tests and overnight hospitalization. Our Tampa ER mistake attorneys have handled numerous cases of people who were sent home and then died or returned to the hospital the same day after suffering a heart attack, stroke, rupture or other calamity. We pursue full compensation for the life-changing and irreversible harm.


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