Learn about the immunity of state employed physicians in Tampa during an initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys.

The damages for the acts of physicians employed by the state of Florida and its counties, municipalities and other political subdivisions are limited to $100,000 per claimant and $200,000 per occurrence. Further, neither the state nor any of its political subdivisions is liable for punitive damages.

The option then is for the litigant pursuing a medical malpractice action to seek a petition to the state legislature for a claim bill, under which the party petitions the government for a bill granting compensation in excess of the statutory damage cap. If your case is against a university hospital or state-employed physician, many attorneys will reject the case. We understand the law, and know what the exceptions are in order to hold the physician and hospital liable and defeat the immunity defenses. We urge you to contact attorney Feldman Legal Group.  and the law firm of Feldman Legal Group.  for a free initial assessment to discuss your case whether it is in Tampa, Jacksonville and Atlanta, Georgia. We will help you to evaluate the case and what the limits of recovery are under Florida law.