Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are a significant problem that most people don’t talk about. According to the International Brain Injury Association, 5.3 million Americans are living with brain-related disabilities.

Things don’t get any better when you have to deal with lost income, medical expenses, pain, suffering, and emotional distress. This leads to $40.6 billion in lost productivity from not being able to work and live independently.

Injuries like this are when you need to speak with a seasoned personal injury attorney at the Feldman Legal Group. We handle brain injury claims and know what to do to get you the support and assistance you need to deal with your injuries.

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The Feldman Legal Group is a client-centered firm that focuses on helping those suffering from TBI. We stand up for your rights and are results-driven. Our team of dedicated professionals is prepared for litigation but we want to go alternative routes that can avoid this option. We use litigation as leverage to show the other side that they must pay or face the consequences. This increases the odds that we can get a successful settlement in your favor.

We have handled many high-profile cases and know what to do to get the best results for you. Our clients give us five-star reviews for our knowledge, professionalism, and experience. We will not stop until getting favorable outcomes for you. Our Tampa TBI attorneys’ advocacy approach is effective in getting results, and this is why our clients give us favorable reviews.

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The Feldman Legal Group will give your case the attention it deserves. We never leave anything to chance and will help in several ways, including:

  • Personal attention: You will work with an attorney that returns messages, emails, and text messages. We will never ignore you or pass you on to someone else with less experience. You will always work with a skilled attorney that can help you.
  • Advocacy: Our attorneys are your advocates that will look out for your best interests. We know how to evaluate your injuries and determine what it will take to help you deal with the costs of your injury.
  • Our former adversary wants to work with us: Our lawyers have such knowledge and skill that a former adversary contacted us to represent them. This is the ultimate compliment to our knowledge, skill, and experience.
  • Experience: You work with an attorney that has decades of experience working on TBI cases. We put this experience to work for you so you get the best results. Our team will not stop until we create favorable outcomes for you.
  • Skill: We have the knowledge and skill to make arguments clearly showing the effects of your injuries. This makes it harder for the other side to deny responsibility, and it increases the chances we will get a favorable settlement for you.

These are some of the ways a skilled brain injury lawyer in Tampa can help you.

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TBI is caused by numerous incidents and accidents including:

  • Falls: Falls are one of the leading causes of TBI. Older adults are more likely to suffer from TBI by walking on uneven surfaces, wet floors, or hazards at home or in the workplace. Falls from ladders and scaffoldings could also cause TBI.
  • Car accidents: Car accidents are one of the primary causes of TBI, when one vehicle collides with another and the impact forces the brain to hit the inside of your skull. TBI can develop shortly after the accident or much later on.
  • Sports injuries: Sports injuries are another cause of TBI. Contact sports such as mixed martial arts, football, and boxing carry an increased risk of injury to the head from repeated blows.
  • Assaults: Assaults that result in physical harm, such as domestic violence and physical attacks, may lead to TBI. The victims could suffer severe injuries from the assault that can cause brain damage, disabilities, and death.
  • Workplace injuries: Workplace accidents will cause TBI in jobs requiring work with heavy machinery and at heights. Employees that work in mining, construction, and manufacturing are at the highest risk of suffering a TBI.

You might not realize you have TBI until much later on when doing some of the most basic tasks seem difficult. Even mild cases can have a significant impact your on health and medical care.

We recommend speaking with the Tampa traumatic brain injury attorney at the Feldman Legal Group. We have worked on hundreds of brain injury claims and know what to do to get results for you. You will work with a dedicated attorney that listens and gives your case the attention it deserves.


TBI will occur when you are hit by a forceful blow, jolt, or bump to your head or body. These injuries occur when there is a forceful impact that affects specific parts of your brain. You could see signs such as bruising, bleeding, and nerve damage.

You may feel fine at first, until you get hit by the delayed trauma and secondary injury. This is when your brain swells and pushes against your skull. You will see a reduction in the flow of oxygen and a devastating secondary injury also known as TBI develops.

These injuries will vary depending on the severity of the episode and the damage to your brain. TBI is divided into four different categories:

  • Mild TBI: This is when you look awake and everything appears normal. You will see symptoms such as confusion, headaches, memory loss, disorientation, and a brief loss of consciousness.
  • Severe TBI: Severe TBI occurs with a loss of consciousness that lasts several hours, days, weeks, or months. It can cause permanent disabilities that impact doing the most essential daily tasks.
  • Penetrating TBI: This is when an object such as shrapnel, a bullet, or a knife goes through the skull and into the brain. There is usually damage to specific areas of the brain where the object is lodged.
  • Non-penetrating TBI: This is often referred to as blunt TBI. It takes place where there is a force that is strong enough to move the brain inside the skull. Some good examples include car accidents, falls, strikes to the head, and sports injuries.

TBIs are serious injuries, and you can’t underestimate the damage to the brain from sudden shocks to your body or head. You might feel fine but not realize until later on that you have a secondary injury. This affects your ability to work, and it places added financial strains on you from the lost income and medical bills

We recommend contacting the TBI lawyer in Tampa if you suspect TBI or another brain injury. You will work with a team of dedicated professionals that have experience in handling these cases.


You may be entitled to compensation if you or someone you know has suffered TBI from someone else’s negligence. Here are some of the things you may be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses: Medical expenses are one of the biggest things that hurt you financially. Just the portions that you are responsible for – co-pays and deductibles –can be in the hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Even with a nest egg, these costs can result in financial devastation. Getting compensation for these expenses helps you to receive the care you need so you never have to worry about extra medical treatment. These include hospital stays, continuing medical care, and emergency room visits.
  • Lost wages: You have more than likely missed work because of your injury and you aren’t sure when or if you can go back. A skilled Tampa brain damage lawyer will help you to get compensation for lost wages and the time you miss from work due to your injuries. We hold the other party responsible so you get the assistance you need to support yourself and your family.
  • Rehabilitation: You are facing the long process of going to occupational and physical therapy. This requires re-learning how to do those things you took for granted, such as walking. Our attorneys work with you to get the compensation to cover these costs. We understand that rehabilitation is expensive and are here to help you.
  • Pain and suffering: Issues such as your pain, suffering, and emotional distress from your injury could reduce your quality of life. We help you to get compensation for these injuries.
  • Long-term care: Your injuries could be so bad that you might need assisted living or in-home care. We work to ensure that those responsible for causing the accident bear the costs.

These are some of the things you can be compensated for because of your injury. We recommend speaking with a skilled attorney that will go over your situation and can help you.

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Here are just a few common questions that our brain injury attorneys hear from our clients:

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