An 18-wheeler weighs up to 40 tons when fully loaded. In a collision, the metal frame and the air bags of a passenger vehicle simply cannot absorb that much force. The occupants of the car suffer massive injuries, if not death, while the truck driver often walks away from the crash with minor injuries.

Truckers and trucking companies are tightly regulated by the federal government and the state of Florida. When those regulations are ignored, innocent people can be badly injured. The law firm of Feldman Legal Group. goes after tractor-trailer drivers and commercial trucking companies when their negligence or disregard for the rules results in serious accidents.

Contact a Tampa 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer immediately if your family member was injured or killed in a tractor-trailer crash. We offer a free assessment and take cases in the Tampa Bay area, surrounding counties and statewide Florida.


Because of the potential for disaster, 18-wheelers have strict weight restrictions and specific regulations for lights and reflective tape. Trucking companies have a duty to keep their trucks in safe operating condition. And truck drivers are limited in how many hours they can be behind the wheel.

Personal injury trial lawyer Feldman Legal Group. and his legal team have the resources to launch a prompt and comprehensive investigation into the cause of a tractor-trailer crash. Was it driver fatigue or driver error? Was it negligence of the trucking firm in the form of poor maintenance, improper loading or negligent hiring and training?

We work closely with trucking accident reconstruction experts to gather evidence at the accident scene, identify witnesses, examine the vehicles and obtain important documents from the trucking company.

There are many technical and legal issues to sort out in order to establish liability. Many 18-wheeler accidents involve multiple vehicles, and those other victims want their piece of the pie too. The tractor cab and the trailer may be owned by separate entities, and the driver may be employed by yet another company. We work to ensure that all parties are held accountable so that our clients can be fully compensated for the physical harm, financial losses and emotional toll of a truck accident.

We have demonstrated liability for every type of trucking accident: rear-end collisions and head-on wrecks, sideswiping and underride accidents, cars forced off the road when a semi driver changes lanes. We have represented victims with catastrophic injuries such as brain injury or paralysis, lost or crushed limbs, disfiguring facial injuries, multiple broken bones, and other horrible injuries. We have also won wrongful death damages in fatal tractor-trailer accidents.


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