Over-the-road truck drivers get paid by eating up mile after mile. That internal motivation and pressure from employers leads to dangerously fatigued truckers behind the wheel of a 40-ton tractor-trailer rig. Other motorists who share the highway with drowsy truckers pay the ultimate price for the resulting accidents.

There are state and federal laws on 18-wheelers and how many hours their drivers can go without rest. The law firm of Feldman Legal Group. has been successful in tracing trucking accidents to truck driver fatigue in Tampa.

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The federal Department of Transportation sets strict limits for over-the-road haulers. Drivers can only drive so many hours in a day, and so many total hours in a week. They must also rest for a specific period between their shifts behind the wheel. All three of these rules are routinely violated, often with the employer’s full knowledge. To cover it up, some truckers and trucking companies also falsify their logbooks.

When truckers fall asleep at the wheel, they cross the centerline, drift into adjacent lanes, run through intersections or rear-end other vehicles, causing massive injuries or death. Other truck drivers, drowsy from too many hours on the road, are inattentive and have slowed reaction times, also leading to accidents. And still other truckers may be under the influence of stimulants to stay awake, but the trade-off is impaired judgment.

Our experienced truck driver fatigue attorneys in Tampa know what evidence to seek if we suspect driver fatigue as a factor in a tractor-trailer crash. We obtain the driver’s logbooks and compare them against the onboard “black box” data recorder and gas station receipts. We talk to witnesses who saw the accident or people who can testify the driver exceeded the daily driving limits or did not in fact get required rest.

In other words, we go to great lengths to build a case against the trucking company to secure the compensation you and your family need for the devastation in your life.


Prompt investigation is important to preserve evidence. Contact us as soon as possible. We have offices in Tampa and Atlanta, and can handle truck crash cases anywhere in Florida. We will arrange a meeting at your home or office, hospital or at one of our convenient offices. We hold negligent parties responsible for accidents caused by truck driver fatigue in Tampa.