Holding Trucking Companies Accountable For Accidents

When a freight company puts an 18-wheeler on the road, it has a moral duty and a legal duty to ensure that the truck, the cargo and the driver do not pose a danger to the public. But federal regulations and basic safety are routinely overlooked by trucking companies in the name of profit.

At Feldman Legal Group. , we stand up for victims of trucking accidents to demand justice. We have prosecuted cases across Florida. Our skilled trial lawyers have the experience and a network of experts to prove the negligence of over-the-road freight haulers and other owners of commercial vehicles.

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Florida Truck Owner Negligence Attorney

Sorting out what happened requires a prompt and thorough investigation of the crash scene, the vehicles and the practices of the driver and the trucking company. We have won damages for our clients by demonstrating how the employer and other parties were negligent or intentionally disregarded law and safety measures:

  • Shoddy maintenance — bald tires, worn brakes, broken lights
  • Failure to inspect rigs and cargo before sending trucks out
  • Overloaded trucks in violation of weight restrictions
  • Unbalanced cargo leading to tipping or jackknifing
  • Unsecured cargo falling from trucks and striking other vehicles
  • Negligent hiring — failure to check the background of drivers or knowingly giving the keys to drivers with criminal convictions, a history of traffic violations, prior bad accidents or an invalid CDL driver’s license

The tractor and trailer may be owned by separate companies, and both may be liable. Trucking accidents often are chain reaction wrecks involving several vehicles, creating multiple collisions and a chaotic crash scene. Feldman Legal Group. and his team are skilled at examining the evidence to find the root cause of the accident; when it points to owners of an 18-wheeler, we are prepared to go all the way to trial to hold them accountable.

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