When you accrue expenses to get the job done for your employer, you have a right in many cases to be reimbursed for those costs. If an employer does not reimburse you for these covered expenses, you may have grounds to take legal action.

A Tampa failure to reimburse expenses lawyer could help you file a wage complaint as well as a lawsuit to recover the value of these work-related expenses and other available financial remedies. A wage and hour attorney from Feldman Legal Group well-versed in all aspects of employment law could evaluate the most appropriate legal strategies to pursue a successful outcome to your case.

Reimbursement Rights for Work-Related Expenses

Federal law does not outline specific reimbursement rights for employees. However, a combination of state law as well as standards established by individual companies shed light on work-related expenses that can be eligible for reimbursement.

Common examples of reimbursable expenses can include mileage for work trips, gas expenses for work trips, as well as other travel-related work costs like plane tickets, hotels, and even meals. However, reimbursement rights for work expenses can extend far beyond travel costs.

For instance, reimbursable expenses can include equipment for a home office, internet and communication tools, and ergonomic equipment. Employees could also be reimbursed for the cost of job-related training or education or uniform costs when the job requires one.

A Tampa attorney could step in when an employer fails to reimburse an employee for reasonable and required work expenses. These cases can be incredibly complex because the law leaves room for interpretation in many instances involving reimbursable work expenses. This makes it important to work with a lawyer from day one who is deeply familiar with the intricacies of these laws and could seek all possible forms of financial recovery.

What to Do If an Employer Refuses to Reimburse Expenses

The first thing to do if a Tampa employer fails to reimburse necessary work expenses is to contact a seasoned lawyer who regularly handles these matters. An attorney could review the employment contract or agreement in place and dig into the situation further to advise whether a violation has indeed taken place. A lawyer could also advise as to next steps and what legal remedies may be pursued.

It is important to preserve any and all evidence that could be used to support a failure to reimburse expenses lawsuit. These could include paystubs, mileage logs, and receipts. Other information like reimbursement requests and correspondence with the employer could also be vital in proving a case for compensation.

Employers who unlawfully withhold payment for reimbursable work expenses could be subject to both criminal and civil penalties. As for employees seeking compensation for this kind of wage violation, they may be entitled to back pay, punitive damages, lawyer fees, and other compensation to reflect the value of the losses that have been sustained.

Speak with a Tampa Failure to Reimburse Expenses Attorney

Achieving a positive outcome to a wage violation case requires that you have an attorney who can leverage unwavering legal representation, effective courtroom prowess, and skilled negotiating tactics. Mitchell Feldman and the team at Feldman Legal Group have extensive experience both in and out of the courtroom holding employers accountable for wage and hour law violations.

A Tampa failure to reimburse expenses lawyer could cut through the tactics employers often use to deny or underpay covered work expenses. Our team could build a compelling case that reflects the full value of reimbursement and other compensation you are owed. Contact us today about securing the legal representation you deserve.