Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), workers in both the private and public sectors have certain protections concerning a wide variety of issues, including minimum wage and overtime pay. If an employer violates these standards or other regulations outlined by state law, workers have a right to take legal action and seek financial damages.

If you are unsure what to do after a Tampa wage and hour violation occurs, Mitchell Feldman and the team at Feldman Legal Group could help. We could dig deeper into the situation to determine whether a legal violation occurred. An experienced wage and hour violation attorney could help you seek the just outcome you deserve for your case.

Common Types of Wage and Hour Violations

Federal and state regulations protect workers from wage and hour violations, and many employers follow these standards to the letter. However,  far too many employers breach these legal boundaries. When this happens, employees can have legal recourse to pursue numerous forms of financial recovery.

Wage and hour violations can occur directly or indirectly, but if a Tampa employee believes they have been affected by such actions, they should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss available legal options. Common examples of wage and hour violations include not paying or underpaying overtime, not conforming to minimum wage laws, or misclassifying employees.

Being forced to take unpaid breaks or any other instances of working without pay, withholding pay, and failing to pay commission or bonuses are all actions that could lead to legal action. Employees who experience these or other wage and hour violations are entitled to assert their rights. When the company retaliates and fires that employee, there may be viable grounds to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Taking Legal Action After a Wage and Hour Violation Occurs

If a worker believes their Tampa employer has engaged in a wage and hour violation, the next best thing to do is speak with a lawyer. An attorney who has a broad range of experience in litigating all manner of wage and hour violations could examine the unique set of circumstances involved and explain what comes next.

An employee who has been affected by a wage and hour violation can a file notice to their employer, submit a complaint with the Department of Labor, or launch a civil suit. An attorney could assist with all of these measures while acting as a staunch legal advocate at every stage of the process.

Recoverable compensation in a civil claim could include the value of earned bonuses and commissions, unpaid wages, and unpaid overtime. Financial recovery could also include attorneys’ fees and any other damages the court deems necessary, such as punitive damages.

Contact an Attorney About What to Do After a Tampa Wage and Hour Violation Occurs

From filing the initial complaint to collecting support documentation to litigating your claim, an attorney could help you understand what to do after a Tampa wage and hour violation occurs and manage every legal aspect of your case. A lawyer with extensive experience in these matters could negotiate with your employer or represent your interests in court if necessary.

An attorney could also safeguard your legal rights while helping you avoid costly mistakes that could derail your case. To find out more about building a strong case after a wage and hour violation, contact Feldman Legal Group today and set up your confidential case evaluation.