Despite the existence of stringent federal and state regulations designed to protect workers across industries, wage violations happen on a daily basis. Unfortunately, one of the most common examples of these types of violations concerns minimum wage workers.

When you believe you have been affected by an unlawful minimum wage practice, a wage and hour attorney could help. A Tampa minimum wage violation lawyer could investigate the situation further and fight zealously on your behalf for a favorable outcome to your employment claim.

Overview of Minimum Wage Laws and Violations

The federal minimum wage, as outlined by the U.S. Department of Labor, is $7.25. Workers must be paid at least this amount on an hourly basis if the state minimum wage does not reach this threshold.

In Florida, the minimum wage is currently $12.00 and set to increase to $13 in 2024, $14 in 2025, and $15 in 2026. This means employers must compensate minimum wage workers at least this amount per hour so as not to be in breach of state employment law.

There are some notable exceptions where an employer may pay a worker below the state minimum wage and not technically commit a violation. For example, workers employed by smaller businesses with gross revenues below $500,000 annually, as well as tipped employees, do not have to be compensated according to the minimum wage.

This does not mean companies can pay these workers an unlivable wage. For example, even though an employer can pay a tipped employee less than the minimum wage, the value of their tips combined with their hourly salary should close this gap.

Workers who are full-time students may be compensated below the minimum wage without any underlying legal violation. Employees of non-profit organizations, seasonal workers, and agricultural workers are other notable exceptions to the minimum wage rules.

Multiple circumstances may constitute a minimum wage violation and require a worker to get in touch with a Tampa attorney. For instance, not paying the minimum wage to a worker who does not fall into the exempt categories listed above may mean an employer is engaging in illegal practices.

Incorrectly classifying an employee, improper wage deductions, and improper tip pooling could represent a breach of minimum wage laws. Having an employee work without pay and withholding pay are also common instances of minimum wage violations.

Filing a Lawsuit for Minimum Wage Violations

A skilled Tampa lawyer could take aggressive, decisive action on behalf of a worker who has been subjected to a minimum wage violation. An attorney could help the worker understand their rights under federal and state employment law. A lawyer could also provide invaluable assistance in launching a complaint against the company’s noncompliance and informing the applicable entities, such as the Florida Department of Labor.

A person needs detailed information to support a complaint concerning minimum wage violations, including the amount of unpaid wages, the days and hours on which wages were underpaid, and the total value of compensation the worker is claiming. Companies that violate minimum wage laws could face steep legal penalties, including fines and even criminal charges in some cases.

Workers could also be entitled to claim numerous forms of compensation in addition to back pay for unpaid wages. These could include liquidated damages for additional lost wages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees.

Reach Out to a Tampa Minimum Wage Violation Attorney

Mitchel Feldman and the team at Feldman Legal Group have a lengthy history of successfully litigating minimum wage disputes and seeking maximum financial recovery for employees. When you believe your employer violated minimum wage laws, you should not hesitate to consult with a lawyer to find out what your legal rights are in the situation.

From collecting evidence to launching a civil action to representing your interests at court appearances or administrative hearings, you need experienced legal representation from the very beginning of your case. Contact Feldman Legal Group today to schedule your confidential, no-obligation legal consultation with a Tampa minimum wage violation lawyer.