Far too often, employees bend over backward to meet the needs of their employer, only to later be unceremoniously fired. In some cases, these terminations violate state law. Unlawful terminations could provide grounds for a viable lawsuit.

You could be entitled to compensation if you were wrongfully terminated from your job. This compensation could include your past and future wages, among other things. Schedule a consultation with an experienced wrongful termination attorney at Feldman Legal Group to discuss any questions you may have about the payment of wages in Tampa wrongful termination cases.

Recovering Lost Wages After Wrongful Termination

The primary benefit of a successful Tampa wrongful termination case is that the plaintiff could secure the payment of the wages they missed out on. Depending on how long these cases carry on, those lost wages could represent months or even years of work. This type of financial compensation could be life-changing for some victims of wrongful termination.

Past wages are not the only compensation available in some cases. It might also be possible to collect future wages. A person who was wrongfully terminated and then could not find future employment might be entitled to additional wages.

However, not every person fired from their job has a viable claim for compensation. Typically, wrongful termination cases are successful when it can be proven the termination was based on some kind of protected status. This could include proof that the employer terminated a worker due to their:

Having the guidance of a well-practiced attorney like Mitchell Feldman is crucial in these cases. The right attorney could evaluate the circumstances surrounding a termination and determine if it was wrongful.

Other Damages That May Be Available

There are other types of compensation a Tampa worker might be entitled to recover in a wrongful termination case outside of lost wages. First and foremost, the plaintiff could be entitled to have their attorney’s fees paid for by the other side. This means the plaintiff will receive the full value of their wrongful termination claim without having to use some of it to cover the cost of legal counsel.

Additionally, a plaintiff might have a viable claim for liquidated damages. Liquidated damages are similar to punitive damages in that they are an award that goes above and beyond the cost of recouping a lost wages claim. What sets liquidated damages apart is that a judge or jury does not set the amount.

Liquidated damages are set by state law and typically equal the amount a person is owed in unpaid wages. In other words, a plaintiff who is awarded $10,000 in unpaid wages for their wrongful termination case could also be entitled to an additional $10,000 in liquidated damages. A qualified lawyer at Feldman Legal Group could help an employee who has been wrongfully terminated understand what their case might be worth.

Talk to a Tampa Attorney About Recovering Wages in a Wrongful Termination Case

If you have been the target of wrongful termination, now is the time to explore your legal options. The payment of wages in Tampa wrongful termination cases is only part of the possible compensation available. Reach out to Feldman Legal Group as soon as possible to learn how a skilled employment attorney could help you.