You will likely feel a range of emotions if you are wrongfully fired—from anger to embarrassment to surprise. Our unlawful termination attorneys can help guide your next moves if we determine you have a valid complaint. Some employers are devious and will never tell you the real reason for your firing. Some are blatant and believe they can get away with firing you unlawfully. We understand how they work and will hold them legally accountable if we find an actionable cause.

The main issue to overcome is that Florida is an at-will state. You can quit a job for a better one, and your employer can dismiss you anytime without a reason, unless an employment agreement governs your relationship. However, some dismissals under state and federal law are illegal. If we determine your circumstances qualify, we can proceed with reporting wrongful termination in Tampa.

Examples of Wrongful Termination

Employers wrongfully terminate employees when they discriminate, retaliate, or refuse to honor wage and hour laws. Some examples include:

  • An employee is fired after asking for family leave during pregnancy
  • Three employees report an employer who is misclassifying them as independent contractors, and they are subsequently fired
  • An employer is sexually harassing an employee who reports the activity to the proper regulatory agency and is fired in retaliation
  • The company adopts a policy handbook with specific details about how and why employees can be terminated, but an employee is fired in contradiction to the policy
  • An employer does not want to spend the money for wheelchair ramps to accommodate a disabled employee and fires the employee instead

Federal and state laws comprehensively protect workers from exploitation, harassment, retaliation, and discrimination. For instance, employers cannot discriminate based on an employee’s race, sex, religion, disability, age, or sexual orientation. Despite these regulations, knowing what to do after a wrongful termination can be challenging. Our qualified employment attorney, Mitchell Feldman, can assist by filing a complaint with the appropriate agency and representing you before that agency. We can also file a private lawsuit on your behalf to ask for compensation and for the employer to stop the unlawful behavior.

Where to Report Wrongful Terminations

Complaints based on discrimination can be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or a related state agency, such as the Florida Commission on Human Rights. However, some discrimination and retaliation claims which fit within 42 USC Section 1981, or 1983 do not require going through this administrative procedure first. Tampa’s employees who report unsafe or illegal workplace activity and are fired are afforded whistleblower protection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

If termination occurs after an employee exercises workplace rights protected by state law, Florida’s Department of Labor oversees the complaint. Termination for taking leave for protected reasons such as jury duty, military service, and caring for family, as well as any wage or overtime issues, are handled by the US Department of Labor or its Wage and Hour Division.

How Our Legal Professionals Can Help

At Feldman Legal Group, our skilled employment lawyers are familiar with the government agencies overseeing wrongful termination issues and what they need to process a complaint against an employer successfully.

We are fearless litigators if an employer’s actions warrant compensating a wronged employee. Compensation may be available for back wages and other losses. Punitive damages may also be available if an employer treats an employee maliciously, fraudulently, or oppressively concerning the wrongful termination. Employees can report wrongful terminations in Tampa to an experienced attorney and let us do the rest.

A Tampa Attorney Can Help You Report Unlawful Termination

If you are terminated for no apparent reason, you may believe you have no rights because of Florida’s at-will employment climate. However, the act may be unlawful if there is an objectionable reason behind your firing, like discrimination or retaliation. Because you are dealing with federal and state law and may be entitled to compensation through litigation, an adept employment attorney could help get justice for you. Reporting wrongful termination in Tampa is a regulatory process, and managing a lawsuit is a legal one. Our team can explain your legal options and help you choose the best route during an initial consultation. Call today to schedule yours.