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New law increases overtime minimum for exempt employees

Not all workers qualify for overtime pay. However, a recent law change is increasing the threshold for just who qualifies. The change in the law will go into effect starting on Dec. 1 and could mean an increase in lawsuits against employers who fail to follow the new overtime rules.

Put down the phone: The risks of texting while driving

For so many of us, driving has just become second nature. We simply get in the car, turn it on and start heading toward our destination. The last thing most people think is that today will be the day they get into a car accident.

The sad truth of that matter is that accidents happen every day on our roadways. In some cases, these accidents are just small -- yet still scary fender-benders -- but in others, the damages are truly devastating, leading to painful injuries. In some, drivers and passengers even end up losing their lives.

Chinese Drywall in Your Home

Chinese drywall used in many homes in Florida as well as other states is tainted and may be making homeowners sick. The drywall emits noxious gases such as carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide. The smell the wallboard gives off has the odor of rotten eggs and worsens in high temperature and humidity so many cases have been reported in southern states. Homeowners have reported symptoms such as respiratory problems, difficulty breathing, and sinus problems that worsen when they come back to their dry walled homes.

Are Trucking Accidents Different from Car Accidents?

All types of vehicle accidents can cause serious and permanent damage as well as death. Accidents that involve two passenger vehicles and accidents that involve a truck and a passenger vehicle are all considered personal injury cases. However, the types of vehicles involved in an accident can significantly affect the way a case is approached and the damages that are sought.

Victims of Toxic Torts Can Seek Compensation

The air around us and the substances and products we encounter should not cause undue harm. When you are injured by a toxic substance such as mold, wallboard, lead paint, faulty medical devices such as hip implants, or medications, you have the right to seek compensation for the injury you suffered. Exposure to toxic substances and products can lead to substantial economic and physical harm. You may be able to bring a lawsuit against the company whose actions destroyed your environment and compromised your health. These types of lawsuits are often referred to as toxic tort lawsuits.

Tire Tread Separation is a Serious Problem

When a tire fails while being driven on, the results can be catastrophic and deadly. Tire tread separation can cause a blowout or can cause the vehicle to enter into a rollover. Tire tread separation often occurs on vehicles with a high center of gravity, such as large cargo trucks. In a tire tread accident, the driver may lose control of the vehicle and the back end may swing out suddenly. After a rupture the vehicle may skid on the road and move sideways in the direction of travel and then may go airborne, beginning a rollover. A tire that blows out can result in the abrupt cessation of movement of a vehicle and may then cause a pile-up of cars behind it.

What Happens in Car Accident Litigation?

If you are involved in a car accident you may want to put it behind you quickly. Do yourself and your family a favor and slow down. Consider whether it is in your interests to speak to an attorney about filing a claim - if you were struck by a negligent or distracted driver and suffered a serious injury because of it, you may have grounds for a strong personal injury case. The fact is that most car accident cases settle rather than go to trial, but to get the maximum settlement you need to find someone who will fight for you and who will be ready to fight aggressively for you at trial should it become necessary.

Using Experts in a Car Accident Case

Do not kid yourself. Even a small fender-bender can result in thousands of dollars of damage. Accidents that involve serious injury can incur costs and damages in exorbitant amounts. If you suffer a serious injury in a car accident due to the negligence of another driver, the best thing you can do is to seek the guidance of an attorney who handles car accident cases on a regular basis. There is skill involved in knowing how to fight for the maximum compensation you may be entitled to for your losses. You need someone who will aggressively fight to recover a judgment or settlement in your favor.

Dangerous Roadways in Florida Cause Many Pedestrian Accidents

Many wide roadways crisscross the state of Florida. Not long ago, The New York Times reported on a recent survey showing that showed four Florida metropolitan areas ranked as the most dangerous places for anyone to walk in the United States:

Why Do Teens Have so Many Car Accidents?

Teenage drivers have a high risk of a car accident. The risk of a crash is higher for 16-19 year olds than for any other age group. This age group is three times more likely than older drivers to be involved in an accident. There are many factors and behaviors that increase the risk of crash, and young drivers often engage in such risky behaviors.

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